We've finally launched Tier 5 on Eldaerith (Survival)
Coming soon to SkyBlock and Factions


With Tier 5 you unlock /emote


You also unlock a glow effect!


Tier 5 also gives you a protected 42x42 MelonEstate plot to build on!


As always, if you have any questions, just leave a comment below!
~ MelonEstates ~
Live free, live big!
Coming soon!

Introducing Survival Plots!
  • You will soon be able to purchase plots on Eldaerith!
  • Plot Sizes: 42x42 (Tier 5) and 79x79 (Diamond Rank)
  • Plots have no tax and do not expire
  • Plots will cost a one time fee (To be decided)
  • Resources can be collected from the mining world
  • As always if you have any questions, leave them below!
Here are some server changes that we've made on 6/2/2016:
  • Re-enabled Slime Blocks: You can now craft, place and break slime blocks! Go crazy with those parkour maps and mob grinders!
  • Flying enabled in the End: Flying has been re-enabled in the End for Gold+ donors!
  • Melonmc.net now works: For those of you who couldnt access the website using melonmc.net, it should work for you now.
  • Added Donor Tags: Now you can represent! Donor tags have been added on top of your skins and in the TAB list! Here is what they look like
A lot of SkyBlock (Skytopia) island dwellers dont know this, but you can make Island warps that are accessible to everyone, even if you're not a donator!

There are already a few Island warps that you can go to by typing /is warps

Making an Island warp is pretty simple! Just place down a sign, and put [Welcome] on the first line! Now your Island has been added to the /is warps GUI and other people can teleport to your island without needing to be invited!
Did you know that if you make a cobble generator on SkyBlock (Skytopia) that there is a small chance of a stone golem spawning instead of a block or ore? Its a great perk for mining on your Island instead of at the cobble generator at spawn.

We thought those pesky little golems were more of a nuisance than anything else, so we decided to make them drop ores to make them useful!

On killing a stone golem:
3% Chance of dropping Diamond Ore
5% Chance of dropping Gold Ore
10% Chance of dropping Iron Ore

As always, if you have any questions, leave them below!
Developer Log Town Plots Increased!

One of the biggest problems that new players who join Eldaerith face is if they should start their own town, or join a town. Unfortunately because of town mayors spamming invites, most new players are forced to join a town. After they've joined a town, they have one measly 16x16 plot to build in, which might not be sufficient for the mansion builders!

So, we've decided to increase the number of plots available to towns.

Original: Plots available 8/resident
Update: Plots available 10/resident

This will hopefully allow Town mayors to give more plots to residents who want to build bigger, better stuff in their towns!
If you buy Tier 4 using the /tier command on Eldaerith, Skytopia or Warforge, you can unlock heavy pickaxes which mine out in a 3x3 grid! This means faster mine clearing and more ores! Be warned! The durability of the pickaxe drops per block mined.​

We've just added a new GUI to teleport across worlds easily. It no longer costs EXP levels (for those of you who like to use their EXP levels on /heal and /fix) to travel to other worlds!

  • Towny World Main World
  • Quarry Mining World
  • Underworld Nether World
  • Dragons Cove End World

Just type /worlds on the Survival (Eldaerith) server to open the worlds GUI
We've also implemented this command on SkyBlock. Factions is coming soon!

So, I've received many questions about MelonCrates and how they work. I will try my best to explain how.

Basically when you purchase a melon crate, you receive an item on the server that your purchased. This item is a MelonBlock. You cant do anything with the block, other than place it down.

When you place it down, a chest is spawned near your area, and a broadcast is sent out that you've placed down a chest. You must then loot the chest to claim your rank.

It is true that other players can loot your Melon Crate, but only if they're actively searching for it. You will almost always have the opportunity to loot it for yourself :)

I hope this helps in explaining how the MelonCrates work! If you have any further questions, just email us at support@blockville.net!
Developer Log Bug Fixes...

Hello! Its no surprise that right after a new server launch, there are bugs that need squashing!
So here are some bugs that we've fixed!

  • You can no longer /sell items with the rates from the server before the resets
  • You can no long use commands, fly, or do anything unfair while in Combat Mode on the Factions Server
  • You can no longer cast Lightning and Storm spells on other players, just mobs!
  • Added Sunny Weather signs to the Survival (Eldaerith) and Factions (Warforge) servers that change the weather from stormy to sunny for $1000
As always, keep the bug reports coming!
- Furq

  • Added spawner-dropping on TNT/Creeper explosions in Factions (Warforge)
  • Fixed the new Shearer, Farmer, Haste, Explosive and Lumberjack Runes on Factions (Warforge)
  • Fixed 20 second Enderpearl Cooldowns on Factions (Warforge)