Hi, this is just a quick announcement that the announcement of the winners of the creative spawn design competition has been delayed until the end of 29th! We're sorry for any inconvenience caused!
Melon Insider We were hacked!
At roughly 9am on 6/25/2016 an amateur hacker bypassed our server security via a compromised staff account to grief the server. Here is a list of what he did:
  • Banned some staff
  • Banned some innocent players
  • Set player balances to 0
  • Gave everyone on the server millions of dollars
  • Teleported players to spawn, and smited them
  • Used a hacked/modded client to majorly damage the server
  • Used worldedit to spawn lava sphere, and air sphere to grief towns, skyblock islands, and server spawns
As far as we're aware, no player accounts (donations, passwords, etc) were compromised, which is good. The hacker merely used a hijacked account to access the server. We're back to our normal levels of server functionality, but if you see/hear/experience anything thats out of place, dont hesitate to leave a ticket!

If you have any questions/concerns, let us know below!

Happy mining!
We have lost the control of the server currently. You need to remain off the server right now and wait until further notice to keep your account safe.
Announcement SkyBlock Economy...

Recently we've received a lot of complaints from players on SkyBlock (Skytopia) about how difficult it is to make money and tier up. Most of the time resources (ores, farmables, mob-drops) become stocked on islands with no use for them! Since making money is somewhat hard right now, and since there is so much material on islands, we've added a sign shop to SkyBlock!

Adding signshops to SkyBlock not only makes it easy to make more money, it makes it VERY easy to make a LOT MORE money, to adjust for that, we've increased the price of Tiers! This should make it the same difficulty as it was before we added the signshops!

Let us know if you have any questions/opinions about the change below!
Announcement Like signs, and Tier 6

Yesterday we added a new perk for Tier 1 players and Diamond+ donators! It's something we had on our server a long time ago, and we thought it was a fun little perk that everyone would enjoy! Like signs are back from dead, and this time 100% cuter. Diamond+ like signs are also available on the Creative server! Both Tier 1 and Diamond+ like signs are available on the Survival and SkyBlock servers. Anyone can like your sign by just right clicking it!

(Left: Diamond+ Like sign, Right: Tier 1 Like sign)
To make these signs, simply make sure you're Tier 1 or a Diamond+ donator, and put down a sign with [like] on the first line, and thats it!

[​IMG] [​IMG]

We've also introduced a new godly tier, called Tier 6 (Survival and SkyBlock only) that gives you otherworldly powers!

Tier 6 is the ascension tier, where you ascend from being human and take on a meta-physical state. You gain the ability to smite heathens, send them your word, and gain really really fast walking speeds.

You can also make humans (players) worship you by them making a worship sign in your name. To do so your followers must make a sign with [worship] on the first line and your name on the 2nd line. You (Tier 6) must be online for them to make your worship sign and to worship you! They can only worship you once every 3 hours (they have to live life too), and every time they do, they receive $50 or a small chance to receive 1 full crate key!

To buy tier 6 and gain ascension, just type /tier ($50,000,000 on survival and $45,000,000 on skyblock)

As always if you have any questions, leave them below!

There is a 55% off sale going on right now!

We've introduced two new donor ranks to MelonMC!
They come with many perks, many of which you can find on our store:

Whats new?


New Slimeblock Rank (On sale for $63)
Upgrade from Diamond to Slimeblock is on sale for $18


New Crystal Rank (On sale for $90)
Upgrade from Slimeblock to Crystal is on sale for $27

Congratulations to the 3 winners who will receive Tier 5 on the server of their choice!
Aaaaand the winners are (Based on PlanetMinecraft usernamers):

  • TryhardHDisLive
  • yoshi8u
  • Quack991
They will be contacted through PlanetMinecraft to receive their Tier on Eldaerith and Skytopia!
Thank you everyone for participating!
Melon Insider Seed Games! Coming soon!

Coming soon to MelonMC,


12 Large SurvivalGames Maps
Battle across sprawling landscapes filled with mysteries

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Chest
Loot the chests across the map to gain an advantage in the deathmatch!

Care Packages
Survive longer with help from the sky!

Help someone by sending them items so they can avenge you

Incentivize someone to kill your killler

Money, Coins and Seeds
Spend Money on Cosmetics, Coins in the SG Shop, and Seeds on other servers like Survival and SkyBlock in exchange for Seed Fragments

+ More!

As always if you have any comments, leave them down below!
Best, Furq
Come check out the new hub we've been working on!
/hub or /lobby


Credit: 1mRAAAH, Furq, Poptart

We're holding a Creative spawn building contest!

To enter, you must build a new spawn for the Creative server! There are no limits on the theme, quality, size of the build!

Prizes are as follows:
- 1st prize: Diamond rank for you or anyone you choose + $30 Store Credit
- 2nd prize: $50 Store Credit
- 3rd prize: $30 Store Credit

  1. To enter you must build a spawn that you think would look best!
  2. The build can be any size (max 2 x 2 plots)
  3. You must build your entry on your own plot on the Creative server. You are allowed to have helpers.
  4. Once your build is complete, take some screenshots and upload them to imgur.com
  5. Copy paste your screenshots/album URL into a reply on this thread
  6. We will go through all the entries and contact you for plot coordinates once we've made a decision!
  • Posting deadline: 06/25/2016
  • Judgement day: 06/26/2016
  • Announcement: 06/27/2016
Its time to get your creative juices flowing! Good luck!