The time has come for me to conclude my staff-ship for this chapter of my life. My decisions, although not easily understood, come with a great deal of thought and heart-ache. I genuinely love this server, love the staff, and love the players. The time I've spent making events for you all, interacting with you all, and hearing your many different view points has been rewarding to say the least.

To the wonderful players: I want you all to know that your strengths don't go unnoticed. You are all bright individuals with a lot to offer the world, and I hope you continue to do that in your everyday lives, as well as helping us achieve a great server.

To the wonderful owner: you are a really good friend of mine. You are the reason I was able to reach deep into my creativity and pull out strengths that were slipping away from me in times of hardship. To my wonderful lead-staff: You are the reason it was possible. Watching you all progress was the more rewarding than you would believe. To my wonderful junior-staff members, I see greatness in you. I pick people I see promise, determination, and compassion in, and your personalities show me that. I hope you all stick around to create your own staff stories.
KitPVP has been reset!
Type /pvp to join!


Here are some recent changes that have taken place on the server! I am hoping to make this a regular thing to keep everyone updated on BTS happenings.
  • Nova Donor /PV's should be fixed
  • Catapult furniture has been disabled across all servers due to a glitch
  • Towny spawn enderpearls have been disabled due to a glitch
  • Nova Drills, and 3x3 pickaxes are broken at the moment due to an issue with our Anti-Cheat. We're waiting on a fix for that, thanks for your patience!
  • The server now supports 1.12.x clients. We now overall support 1.8.x to 1.12.x. Note: You may login with 1.12 clients, but none of the server-side 1.12 features (blocks, mobs, etc) will work until we do a full update. Thanks for your patience!
Until next time!
- Furq

Just wanted to post a quick update on how voting has been changed. In the past there were lots of issues with vote queing, so today I have introduced a new "Vote Credit" system, where voting on each of the 5 sites will give you 1 credit which you can redeem for a reward on the server.

  • Everytime you vote, you will receive 1 vote credit
  • To check your votes, type /checkvotes
  • To claim your vote reward, type /claimreward as many number of times as you have voted to receive your vote reward.
Changes to Monthly Vote Rewards

Top 10 Monthly voters will receive a unique #TopVoter tag, whereas the Top 3 voters will receive 1200 Coins each to spend in the donor shop, /donate (Worth $10)

Thats all from me for now! Let me know if you have any questions/comments!

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