YES..yes. Love...sweet, innocent love. It seems that cupid has struck many of the minecrafters on BlockVille these days. Make shift wedding chapels and unlicensed priests, seem to pop up everywhere now these days. But with the recent boom in marriages, how about we acknowledge those who have just pledged their lifelong pix-elated love toward one another <3

CONGRATS TO!..*drumroll*​

TipMe_ & Superkiwi

Chocolate12341 & Dragonjoker.2222

Enderchick & Baconshizpeep

Clutch2019 & Paige_Leavy

May these player's love stay strong, and their love for BlockVille stay even stronger. Congratulations guys. And special thanks to Armoured_King, the self-proclaimed marriage photographer

Free Gold Donor Rank?

BlockVille is holding a contest. Contestants will have a chance to get free Gold Donor Ranks.

Winners will be picked at random and announced on February 24th, 2013. We apologize for the typo, the date was meant to be January 24th 2013

You can enter by visiting http://tinyurl.com/an5fzgs

All questions are answered in the link above. Good luck!​

UPDATE: Player Heads, Item Renaming and some patch notes!

Hello again Blockville. I have posted another server update! I have added some new toys to the server! I won't be adding any new features anytime soon!

Tier 5+ can now spawn their own player heads!
They just need to type /ph spawn

Tier 8+ can spawn a player head for ANY player!
They just need to type /ph spawn <player name>

Tier 1+ can now rename items! Just make sure to hold the item in your hand, then they should type /itemizer name <new item name>
You can also use colors in the item names! So if you want to name a sword called "Killer" you type /itemizer name &4K&ci&4l&cl&4e&cr
You can also underline, bold, italics or cross out item names!
All the color codes can be found on the server by typing /einfo colors

Here is the sword I named:

All rank perks can be found on the server at /warp ranks
Happy crafting!
  1. Farmer Job XP/Money from Hoe'ing the land has been removed/nerfed
  2. Builder job experience gained has been reduced from 1xp to 0.25xp
  3. /warp rareshop villagers now require items to enchant with nether stars. For exmaple, you now need an gold sword to get the Fire Aspect Fire Star Sword
Hi Blockville!

I am testing out a brand new server feature!
Voting for nether stars!
Now, every time you vote, you not only get a chance to win 1 or 2 Diamonds, Gold or Iron, but you also could win 1 or 2 Nether Stars. You can trade nether stars at the rare item shop at /warp rareshop

Right now, you can trade nether stars for un-craftable blocks or rare items only available in creative!
Some Blockville exclusive items include the Fire Star sword, Hawk Eye bow, Apple of Eden, a variety of creative only blocks and basic potions!

Beacons can now only be placed for towns by staff and cannot be crafted by you.
Remember to keep voting at http://vote.blockville.net !

- Furq
Hello Blockville!

I wanted to take this moment to show you how far we have come to building spawn since we relaunched after that regretful server crash! :eek:

As you can see a lot of progress has been made since we restarted!

This is a picture of how we started:

This is where we are now! :D

Hello! Here are some of the changes made over the last few days which you should probably know about!

  1. Donators can now use all the virtual chests. Which means Lapis donors can use chests /v c 1 and Emerald Donors can use chests /v c 1 to /v c 18
  2. Town residents are supposed to get virtual workbenches, enchantment tables and brewing stands, but further discussion is needed to fully determine whether to make that a donor perk or not.
  3. To tackle the x-raying issue, we have decided to use an anti-xray plugin. This plugin is not perfect, which means, sometimes it will show fake ores where there are not any. I am working to fix the issue with the fake ores showing up, so a solution will be in shortly. Please don't leave /pe's telling us about the fake ores as we are aware of them!
Well that is all for now! I hope you guys had a great holiday week and new years eve!
Happy crafting! ;)
On behalf of all the players and staff of Blockville​

and a prosperous 2013 for everyone!


Credits: Vegas2K​
Credits: Furq​
Credits: Furq​
Credits: Brendanmills​
Hello Blockville!

This is just a post reminding you that our new design is now launched!
All your old forum posts are still there, so we haven't deleted anything.

This page will now link to the Announcements forum under the forums link above.
I will post ALL announcements here instead of sending out emails. So make sure to keep checking in here at www.blockville.net to keep yourself updated on plugin news, server updates, patch notes, etc etc.