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Type /skyblock to play​

Just wanted to post a quick update on how voting has been changed. In the past there were lots of issues with vote queing, so today I have introduced a new "Vote Credit" system, where voting on each of the 5 sites will give you 1 credit which you can redeem for a reward on the server.

  • Everytime you vote, you will receive 1 vote credit
  • To check your votes, type /checkvotes
  • To claim your vote reward, type /claimreward as many number of times as you have voted to receive your vote reward.
Changes to Monthly Vote Rewards

Top 10 Monthly voters will receive a unique #TopVoter tag, whereas the Top 3 voters will receive 1200 Coins each to spend in the donor shop, /donate (Worth $10)

Thats all from me for now! Let me know if you have any questions/comments!

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Congrats to cld1665 on winning a $30 coupon to use in the store! You could win top voter too by voting everyday. You can visit or type /vote in-game!

Top Voter (Winner of $30 Store Credit!)

Top Mentions
[​IMG] cld1665
[​IMG] elmo1geck
[​IMG] direjoker
[​IMG] somedude422
[​IMG] Zayvex
[​IMG] PrinceCayenne
[​IMG] maxim_pyke
[​IMG] AutummReece
[​IMG] MistressBlue
[​IMG] Datopguy805

Congrats to all the voters! Vote counts have been reset for the month of April! Good luck!​
Some of you may have noticed some promotions on the server regarding "Expert" and "Apprentice" read below for further information!


Expert is a rank that is rewarded to players who we believe are helpful to the server! This rank is a non-staff rank, meaning that just because someone has it doesn't mean they progress. That rank is apprentice. Experts on the server can help you with simple problems regarding general server knowledge!

Apprentice is Helper renamed! Basically Apprentices can do everything that a Helper was able to!

The higher staff ranks (Mod, Mod+, Admin, Lead-Admin and Owner) have remained the same.
Congratulations to LeRyno_ on winning the PvP Build Competition!

For additional photos of the build competition, visit this link: